Thanks for looking at my website! It is my hope that we will work together to capture some of the beautiful moments in your life, and as photography can be such an intimate profession, let me share a little bit about myself beforehand.

My early days were spent as a missionary kid in Kenya, Africa, alongside the great Rift Valley. Some part of my heart is still there in that beautiful country and always will be. Growing up as a third culture child around some of the friendliest and most genuine people I have ever met has given me a few of the best tools to running my own business: a deep, passionate love for people, a respect for differing perspectives, and a love for enjoying and creating beauty around me.

While my love for the camera didn’t start until I was in an American high school, it fully blossomed when I married the love of my life, Bradley, after dating for only a few months. We used our wedding money to purchase my first DSLR camera, and then when our Ana was born nine months later, I decided to begin a business revolving around this art of documenting special moments and people.

about kate martin

After spending countless hours with mentors and experts learning the intricacies of my camera, I booked my first professional client in 2016, and they haven’t stopped coming! Today I have been able to create a business around my passion that I love, and I get plenty of practice time at home, photographing my two sweet girls who I think might love to model even more than I love to shoot!

Outside of photography, you will find me playing cards and board games with my family, going on long weekends to my in-law’s mountain house, watching action filled TV shows on Netflix with Brad, and building relationships with our amazing church community.

If interested in booking a session with me, I would love to chat with you to hear your story, understand your vision, and listen to what you would like from a photographer.I promise to bring my passion, creativity, and professionalism each time we work together.

tagalong girl scout cookies, starbucks, grilled salmon, juicy burgers, African sunsets, dark starry nights, date nights with my man, giggles with my beautiful daughters

My goal is simple.
I capture the beauty of life and love, from the mama bump as she carries her precious babe inside of her, to the tiny little baby toes after they have greeted us here in this big world and to the moments they choose to say 'i do.'